Water: Hygiene and Ecology                  

By Natalia Yefremenko

From January 2013, the “Ukrainian Research Institute for Medicine of Transport” (Odessa) starts publishing a new journal – “Water: Hygiene and Ecology”. (Certificate of the state’s registration of mass media:  KV N 12279 – 9070 P.)

The subjects of the journal:

  • quality of water,

o      sanitary, epidemiologic and environmental control,

o      sanitary, epidemiologic and ecological condition of the sources of water supply and drinking waters,

  • biological and chemical pollution of water,

o      public health effects of

  • drinking polluted water,
  • superficial reservoirs,
  • waste,
  • recreational waters on health of the population,
  • water-borne infections,

o      somatic incidence of the population because the use of poor-quality water,

  • water disinfection,

o      by-products of the water disinfection and their influence on puiblic health,

o      rationing of quality of water, technology, ways, methods of cleaning and water disinfecting,

  • underground water,
  • mineral water,

o      application of mineral water in sanatorium and  general medical practice,

o      environmental problems of disinfection of sewage,

o      biofilms in water supply,

o      production cycles.

Guest articles (7-9 pages, Times new Roman, 14) are welcome:

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«Water: hygiene and ecology»

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